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About us


Manuel Silveira
Eng.º Agronomo (UTL-ISA);
MSc (Univ. Aberdeen UK)

Joana Espírito Santo
Eng.ª Agronoma (UTL-ISA);
MSc (Univ. Aberdeen UK)

Our work is based on the conviction that new technologies, associated with the transfer of knowledge from the scientific environment to the productive sector, play a fundamental role in the development of the rural world.

We develop products that enable the organization of information in order to optimize decision making. In order to ensure the best response to our customers' needs, all our products are developed from scratch and in close collaboration with users.

At the same time, we provide consulting services and work on specific solutions, oriented towards the management of small populations, as is the case with Associations of Indigenous Breeds and their respective Stud Books.os.

Taking advantage of technological developments, we target our new products for online and mobile environments, so that information is available anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our work is based on the conviction that a good computer application allows that, from a small amount of recorded information, foundations for rational decision-making can be obtained, translating into growing results.