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Scientific Illustration

This project aims to disseminate, through scientific illustration, the national heritage in terms of indigenous races.

Based on the standards of the Portuguese autochthonous breeds, and with the support of specialists and associations, we intend, through scientific illustration, to represent the main characteristics of each of the breeds.

Scientific illustration is a means of producing images that allow communication in science, namely the characteristics of species, specimens or natural processes. With scientific illustration, it is intended to represent characteristics that allow, for example, to distinguish animal species or breeds.

In the present project, each breed is drawn based on a set of representative images of individuals or details, supported by the description of the breed standard and with the support of associations and technicians who know each breed.

The illustration, by Carlos Medeiros, is made with a tablet pc, with a digitizing pen, resulting in a digital illustration analogous to the drawing made on paper and pencil, using the same illustration techniques.