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  • Genpro

    Genpro Online is an online platform for Stud Book management. This platform is currently used to managel herd books of 67 breeds of cattle in Portugal and 5 in Spain . Genpro has around 8.5 million registered animals and more than 2,700 users, to date.

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    In Genpro Online, the identifications of the animals and their genealogies are registered, to which all kinds of information on productive and reproductive data are associated (weights, milk production, artificial insemination and biometries, among many others). Genpro Online has been developed with a modular structure and is therefore easily adaptable to different species and various production systems, as well as to different languages. It has a common structure, with forms, reports and procedures adapted to the needs of each client.

    Pedigrees, performance reports, field sheets, genetic values - all just one click away. Both breeders and technicians can access information anywhere and at any time. Our access policy guarantees that each user obtains only the information that is intended.

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  • e-Exploração

    e-Exploração is an online platform for livestock management, developed to be used by farmers.

    This platform works based on the animal, and its zootechnical characteristics, in order to optimize the handling and maximize the productivity of each animal. Thus, it allows the best animals to be identified, so that each farmer makes the most efficient selection.
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    In e-Exploração, the identifications of the animals and their genealogies are recorded, and all kinds of information on productive and reproductive data (weights, milk production, artificial insemination and medication, among others) are associated to these identifications.

    e-Exploração works as the platform where you can centralize all the information on your livestock. You can enter records directly on the platform, but also through R.campo, synchronizing the records made in the field, when you are with your animals. e-Exploração also receives weighing records directly from scales and other sensors. It can also be synchronized with the Artificial Insemination platform and with the animals registered in the Herd Book if it is managed with Genpro Online.

    e-Exploração has specific modules depending on the farm's production orientation, whether they are suckler cows (focus on reproductive indicators) or feedlot (focus on feed efficiency and daily weight gain).

    As an online platform, it is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer with an Internet connection. Automatic backups are also guaranteed, done every day.

  • R.Campo

    R.campo is an Android application that allows data collection in the field and subsequent synchronization with other platforms (Genpro Online, e-Exploração or other). Data can be collected without an internet connection (offline).

    After the data is collected, its synchronization is automatic, without file transfer. The data collection forms can be customized for different operations in field and different screen sizes.

    R.campo is useful for all tasks, from a simple collection of a live weight to the total verification of all the information of the animal. All records and inquiries are made next to the animals, with no paper records and less room for mistakes.