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Genpro Online is an online platform for Stud Book management. Pedigrees, performance reports, field sheets, genetic values - all just one click away. Both breeders and technicians can access information anywhere and at any time.


e-Exploração is an online platform for livestock management, developed to be used by farmers.This platform works based on the animal, and its zootechnical characteristics, in order to optimize the handling and maximize the productivity of each animal. Thus, it allows the best animals to be identified, so that each farmer makes the most efficient selection.


R.campo is an Android application that allows data collection in the field and subsequent synchronization with other platforms. R.campo is useful for all tasks, from a simple collection of a live weight to the total verification of all the information of the animal.

About us

Ruralbit is a Portuguese company which has been developing online Software-as-a-service (SAAS) for livestock producers since 2006.

We have developed online software solutions both for farmers and for farmersfarmers' unions and associations. Our applications allow the recording of all kind of animal data, such as eartags ID numbers, genealogies, weights, artificial insemination and medication, and many others.